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After Crash is an Italian born, London based duo formed in 2005 by Francesco Cassino (aka Comakid) and Nicola Nesi (aka Everlasting Joy) who are also co-founders of Museek Record Label: they are musicians, composers and producers who, with this project, express fresh and contemporary poetics in music.
The creative process aims to a constant research of new sound approaches, with no boundaries or restrictions, that blends acoustic elements with electronic/experimental soundscapes moving between downtempo, glitch and bass derivations, intimate atmospheres, ambient, post rock, inspirations from soundtrack territories, applied and orchestral music, traditional and pop remnants … or anything their mind have thought of.
Their live performance is extremely evocative, an audiovisual creature able to strike a chord by manifold suggestions coming from the interaction of live instruments, like drums / percussions and guitars, along with the use of software, controllers and analogue gears … with also the aid of visuals specifically designed for the new live arrangements of their original songs.
The project itself is not exclusively about making music, but is merely the surface of a much greater experience; it is inspired by friendship, visionary thought, philosophy and everything that makes life worth living.

◙ PAGURO dj-set

Alberto Bello aka Johnny Paguro is a Modena based dj and music producer, righ hand man in Pizzico records and proud manager of Museek Record Label.
He’s the Little Prince of the “aftermath”, beloved concept which has inspired him to create an alternative sound vision for his label: a shelter where the disco vehemence blends with soft downtempo patterns as the perfect soundrack during that lapse between the club and the way back home … dedicated to the “off-of-the-dancefloor” moments.
With a couple of nice EP’s on Pizzico and several appreciated remixes, he’s considered a kind of local hero: both as member and dj-resident of LAIKA collective and running his radio show Museek:Response, Paguro reveals a peculiar style and a good instinct for quality sound.

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April 2015 Thu. 016
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65metriquadri alzaia naviglio grande, corner with via casale, milano

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