Museek at RN Music Market


Beloved Rimini will host the first edition of RN, a proper fair of italian independent music, just focused on electronic, house and disco styles.
Protagonists of the exhibition will be some of the freshest and active record labels of the homegrown dungeons (as Hell Yeah, Bosconi, Fly By Night Music, Deja Vu and many more), dj equipment stores, vinyl record stores & exchange, live performances and dj sets, so on and so forth.
Bogus’ Pizzico & Paguro’s Museek were asked to represent a good chunk of italian flavour: they’ll exhibit releases and make you listen to some of their music through laptops, Ipods and a nicey nice handy trax for vinyls, that will mean all formats for everyone. As if that was not enough Billy and Johnny will play a not pimp showcase to show labels background and attitude for fun, even during the day.. As promised tey won’t go to the beach, unf. for them.
RN will take place on Sunday 20th of July at Opificio Beccadelli, via Beccadelli 17, 47921 Rimini (IT).


More infos (italian only) at

RN official page

DLSO  official partner